We want to make artwork more accessible and enrich the world.

  • IDA Studio

    © 2020 IDA Studio inc.

  • Paulo Polimeno

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  • 2020 Katsuhiko Hibino

    © 2020 Katsuhiko Hibino

Get Real. Get Reap.

StareReap is an art platform designed to enhance the world through creativity.
Presenting new opportunities to interact with art
Making art a bigger part of people’s lives
Enriching minds and lives by the power of art


From Reproduction to Creation

StareReap is as revolutionary in the history of art and design as lithography was centuries ago: it radically expands the creative powers of artists.
StareReap’s 3D technology not only offers superb versatility for making images, but also offers wide-ranging textures in what you create. From oil paints to textiles, wood, leather, and stone, you can generate the look of a huge variety of media and materials as well as customizing size, colors, and textures with incredible accuracy.
By producing original art in collaboration with artists, StareReap realizes a whole new way of creating culture.


  • Contemporay Artist‘s Creation

    Contemporay Art

  • Photo Creation

    Photo Creation


  • Scanning Technology

    Scanning Technology

    Using the scanning technology of a Pentax DSLR camera, artworks can be captured with outstanding accuracy. This type of scanning reduces the risk of damage to the original painting because it doesn’t need any additional light source. The advanced infrared photography system also makes it possible to see pentimento (revisions) or pictures hidden underneath a painting. This technology is used by museums and plays an indispensable role for academic research in revealing the process behind how a painting was created.

  • Scanning Technology

    3D Processing Technology

    StareReap generates 3D data calculated from a photograph taken by a DSLR camera. A unique 3D processing app is also available, which creates 3D shapes from 2D data without the need for taking a photo. This technology offers support to artists in realizing their original creativity.

  • Scanning Technology

    Printing Technology

    With over half a century of history, Ricoh’s printing includes original inkjet technology that expertly and meticulously reproduces everything from the details of a material to the texture of a canvas.

  • Scanning Technology

    Ink Technology

    Using specially developed ink technology, StareReap can replicate three-dimensional shapes with astonishing sharpness and print on a wide range of base materials. Experience the realism of the results and create highly original works of art.


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Contemporay Art

Art meets technology: StareReap, digital technology that helps artists enhance creativity.
Creators can share their latest work in its best possible form with everyone around the world.

  • © 2020 IDA Studio inc.

    Yukimasa Ida(1990-)
    227 × 158 mm
    10 colors
    StareReap 2.5

  • © 2020 Katsuhiko Hibino

    Katsuhiko Hibino(1958-)
    595 × 465 mm
    StareReap 2.5

  • © 2020 IDA Studio inc.

    Yukimasa Ida(1990-)
    StareReap 2.5

Classic & Modern Art

StareReap uses digital technology to make reproductions of classic and modern art. Every last detail about the original is captured with remarkable accuracy, from the subtlety of the materials to the texture of the canvas and even cracks in the oil paints. Coming into contact with a previously unknown work of art improves our understanding and appreciation of culture. Art can also help bridge industrialized and emerging nations in keeping with the aims of the B4IG* initiative, as well as contribute to expanding STEAM fields education and solving problems of inequality.

*Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG) B4IG is an initiative promoting diversity in the workplace and supply chain. Led by the global food corporation Danone and overseen by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, it was officially launched in 2019 with the sponsorship of the French government at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France. Attracting 34 corporations from around the world, Ricoh is the only Japanese member of the coalition.

  • © Paulo Polimeno

    Paulo Polimeno(1919-2007)
    Creation de la Planete I
    501 x 600 mm
    Kobe Kitano Museum, Kobe

  • © Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest Hungarian National Gallery

    Szinyei Merse Pal (1845-1920)
    Lady in Violet
    Oil on Canvas
    1030 x 766 mm
    Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Photo Creation

StareReap offers new creative opportunities to photographers through innovative digital technology.

Photography is no longer flat. StareReap now lets you transform a photograph into a three-dimensional image, presenting a vast array of exciting possibilities for photographic expression.

  • © 2018 Atsushi Inamura

    Atsushi Inamura
    Venetian Morning

  • © 2018 Atsushi Inamura

    Atsushi Inamura
    Floating Jerryfish